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Think you're seeing double? Think we screwed up and took two pictures of the same product?

If you look a little more closely you may notice some subtle differences between the two products pictured above. On the left is the new N-550 "Big Grip" Hinged Handcuff. On the right is the new A-550 Ultralite™ Hinged Handcuff. They are identical in size, shape, and function. The difference is that the N-550 is made entirely from steel, while the A-550 uses high quality heat treated aluminum alloy for the bows and plates, but still uses steel for the locking mechanism, rivets, links, and dividers. What does that mean to you? It means the A-550 weighs half of what the N-550 weighs, thus reducing the load law enforcement officers must carry everyday. So, if the weight on your duty belt is slowing you down, take a look at the new A-550 UltraliteTM Hinged. Ofcourse, we already make a lightweight Aluminum chain handcuff called the A-105 Ultralite™ that you can find within this website if you prefer chain cuffs.

Both the N-550 "Big Grip" Hinged Handcuff and the A-550 Ultralite™ hinged Handcuff are standard sized handcuffs designed to fit a wide range of prisoner wrist sizes. You will notice from the photos that these cuffs have also been designed to have a large, ergonomic gripping area for the user. Other features include rounded edges to reduce cuts and abrasions, as well as exposed rivet heads for superior strength.

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