"H-Style" Restraing Device
Model L-200
Price: $110.00

Legiron assembly is the American Handcuff Model L-100. 14-inch chain between the legirons. Belly chain features seperated handcuffs and 54-inch chain. Connecting chain is 45-inches long. Lifetime warranty to registered users.

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Belly Chain with Handcuffs
Model BC-100
Price: $76.00

53-inch chain is bright nickel plated low carbon steel. Handcuffs are model N-105 and are seperated for maximum control. Lifetime warranty to registered users.

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Belly Chain with Seperated Cuffs & Link
Model BC-125
Price: $88.00

Allows transport in a humber of possible positions when used with a handcuff cover.   Great for medical transports when some degree of freedom is needed once inmate reaches medical facility.

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Belly Chain with Big Cuffs
Model BC-200
Price: $90.00

The same as the model above except this model has the N-200 Oversized cuffs.

Plain Waist Chain with Link
Model L-501
Price: $23.00

Chain is straight link coil chain, carbon steel zinc plated/
welded, nominal inside = .40" by 1.51". Large steel link accomodates handcuffs and standard/oversized leg irons. Steel spring body is nickel plated steel with 1/4 inch snap
opening. 22.8 ounces. 58.25 inches in length. Lifetime warranty to registered users.

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